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Preventing Your Pipes from Freezing

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Helpful tips for preventing frozen pipes inside and outside your home


Frozen Pipes Can Burst!

Cold weather is on the way to the Greenville/Troy/Andalusia area! When cold temperatures happen that can cause pipes to freeze. Frozen Pipes can result in costly repairs to you as a home or business owner. The good news is there are ways to prevent pipes from freezing. Here are some tips for this winter .Frozen pipes are a problem by themselves because they prevent water flow, but even worse, frozen pipes can eventually burst, causing damage and potential flooding. There are ways to protect your pipes from freezing. These include:
  1. Keeping your house warm - If you are leaving for a period of time, make sure that the heat is kept on at your property. You should inform them that the heat can help prevent pipes from freezing, and if pipes freeze and burst, it can cause a lot of water damage to the property and to their possessions. The heat doesn’t have to be kept as high as you normally would keep it if you were home but keeping it set above 50 degrees Fahrenheit at all times is a good idea. This should provide enough heat to keep the pipes warm and to prevent any water inside from freezing.
  2.  Opening faucets - When temps hit the freezing level it is a good idea to allow faucets to drip. Allowing the faucet to be open like this will relieve pressure in the pipe. If a pipe freezes, it is actually the pressure that is created between the blockage and the faucet that will cause the pipe to burst. With the faucet open you avoid blockage in the pipes.
  3. Insulation is key - Pipes can be fitted with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to help decrease the chances of freezing. This can be an easy solution for pipes that are exposed but can get expensive if walls, floors or ceilings have to be opened in order to properly insulate the pipe. Additional insulation can also be added to walls and ceilings to keep the pipes warm.
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Grand Opening in Greenville

6/22/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of GTA Specialists

A Journey begins with a single thought in your mind. It trudges along consecutively until that one extraordinary idea blossoms into a dream. That dream becomes a goal, and like all goals, we find the path that leads us to where we want to go…The unattainable, through hard work and determination, becomes the attainable.

Wesley and Micah Waddell had such a dream, a goal, a desire to be a part of the SERVPRO Community. The “Journey” they have traveled led them to this place…

Five Fifty Eight Greenville Bypass in Greenville, Alabama.

And on July 11, 2017, we will see their dream up close…Our Grand Opening.

It has been a six year journey, but we are finally where we need to be.

In place of an old warehouse, sits a stylish, restored commercial building with bright offices, a spacious warehouse, and surrounded by an assortment of SERVPRO ready vehicles outfitted with the latest technology and equipment.

SERVPRO of Greenville/Troy/Andalusia may reside in Greenville, but we are proud to service four Counties…Butler, Covington, Crenshaw and Pike.

Our team of qualified personnel is on call 24/7. 

Wesley and Micah Waddell, Owners

Michael Phelps, Troy Marketing Representative

Laurie Stillwell, Andalusia Marketing Representative

Lana Shannon Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer Taylor, Administrative Assistant

Jon Colquett, Construction Manager

Caleb Parsons, Production Manager

Diane Wilson, Fire Lead

Cyle Petty, Crew Chief

Hank Crenshaw, Production Technician

Walter Fountain, Production Technician

Tami Gartman, In House Construction

Lillie Mae Black, Cleaning Technician

AND…We can’t wait to meet you at our Grand-Opening. It is going to be a good, good day.

The Journey continues...

SERVPRO of Greenville/Troy/Andalusia is Expanding

2/15/2017 (Permalink)

We are happy to announce our expansion!  We are soon going to be moving to a new location, 558 Greenville Bypass, Greenville, AL  36037.  We will have a beautiful new office and warehouse space.  We will be better able to serve our customers in Butler, Crenshaw, Pike and Covington County.

We cannot wait to invite everyone to our Grand Opening and be able to share photos very soon. 

IICRC Certified Firm

2/9/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Greenville/Troy/Andalusia is an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified firm. The IICRC sets the gold standards for the Cleaning and Remediation industry, of which SERVPRO is an industry leader. The following is from the IICRC official website (

”IICRC Certified Firms have earned the right to display the cleantrust logo as a symbol of quality. In order to achieve IICRC-certified status, firms must meet a rigorous list of standards in business ethics and expertise.

"IICRC Certified Firms must:

"• Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

"• Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

"• Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

"• Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

"• Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

"The IICRC actively pursues relationships with fiber producers, carpet and fabric mills, furnishing manufacturers and retailers, and others affiliated with the industry. The use of IICRC-certified service professionals is specified in leading manufacturers’ maintenance brochures and warranties.”

SERVPRO of Greenville/Troy/Andalusia is honored to count it among the select organizations to receive this certification.